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Project Gallery

Health Care
Nunnery Plastic Surgery Center
Plastic & Reconstruction Surgical Center
Plastic Surgery Center
Panama City, Florida
Owner: Phillip H. Nunnery, M.D.
            (850) 763-5959
Panama City, Florida
Architect: Taylor Architects, Inc.
Panama City, Florida

Retrofit surgical suite and offices. $75,000.00

Edgewater Beach Contractors, Inc. is an approved "Project Aids Care" Provider by the State of Florida Medicaid Program to provide internal and external modifications to homes of clients of "Project Aids Care", including adaptive and assistance equipment.

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Edgewater Beach Contractors, Inc.
J. David Harris, President , CG CO49935
10200 Clarence St.
Panama City Beach, FL 32417
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 850-234-7252
Fax: 850-234-9138